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Product Liability

As engineering consultant president of Railroad & Metallurgical Engineering , Inc. (RME), Thomas Johnson brings metallurgical engineering expertise and a manufacturing career focused on the entire spectrum of the locomotive and diesel engine component design process:

Material Selection

Heat Treatment

Material component design & Processing specifications & Drawings

Lab & Field Testing

Maintenance & Overhaul Analysis

Failure Analysis

Redesign & Upgrade

Product Release

Product Liability

Through his extensive work, Tom has developed a keen sense of determining the primary cause of metal component failures. He applies this to all areas of the design process to determine its accuracy (competency). This includes everything from concept, prototypes, testing, lab analysis, field testing and product release.

Tom assesses the validity of actual component designs from both a plaintiff or defense standpoint to determine whether they were competent or flawed. The breadth of Tom’s industrial background is vital to lawyers on both sides.