RME is dedicated to serving the transportation & vehicle industries, especially the railroad community.


Thomas Johnson worked for and with a number of industry engineering departments. He has expertise in locomotive and diesel engine component failure analysis, with 35 years of experience in engineering, including over 25 years in the railroad business. He managed a large number of projects throughout the entire product development process. Tom led and participated in all aspects of the design review and failure analysis process.

During his 13 year career with GE Transportation Systems, Tom worked on locomotive engineering projects with most of the class I railroads.

  • Strategically, these projects improved locomotive reliability and availability.
  • Tactically, these projects involved component failure analysis and redesign, lab and bench testing, field testing, product release and follow-up.

As president of Railroad & Metallurgical Engineering (RME), Tom performs technical work related to:

  • Locomotive and diesel engine component failure analysis
  • Diesel engine design for standby power generation and marine applications
  • New product design for locomotive and diesel engine component manufacturers